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  • The Effects of Colonial Mentality on Filipino-American Mental Health September 8, 2019
    By Kubo Guest Writers -  By Joriene Mercado In a survey of San Diego public high school students, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that a striking 45.6% of Filipino-American female adolescents have thought about committing suicide, which was the highest rate among all ethnic groups in this study (Wolf, 1997). Data collected by the Los […]
  • What Is a Colonized Mind? September 8, 2019
    England was once so proud of its colonial regime that it boasted, “The sun never sets on the British empire.” Today, colonialism is a bad word. It is fashionable to say we live in a ‘post-colonial’ world. The truth is the world continues to involve relations of domination and exploitation, under new names: “globalization,” for […]
  • Indonesia is an “imagined community”, Melanesia is a REAL community!… BUT… September 8, 2019
    A Melanesian Dilemma It is a human tragedy today is that "the REAL Melanesian community think they are unreal, and then they believe and treat the "unreal Indonesian community" as a real one, They think un-real Indonesia poses real threats and danger, that therefore it is a sensitive issue that should be treated cautiously. They […]