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Hello world! Demokrasi Keukuan

Welcome to PAPUA is ONE Sites. Pada tanggal 1 Agustus 2019, kami memandang kepada kepulangan Negara Kolonial Republik Indonesia (NKRI) sesuai dengan perintah Panglima Tertinggi Komando Revolusi West Papua (Pangtikor) West Papua Revolutionary Army (WPRA) dalam rangka memperingati HUT Kemerdekaan Republic of West Papua (RWP) 1 Juli 2019.

Pada pidato ini Chief General Mathias Wenda kembali menegaskan

RSS Melanesia is ONE Project

  • The Effects of Colonial Mentality on Filipino-American Mental Health September 8, 2019
    By Kubo Guest Writers -  By Joriene Mercado In a survey of San Diego public high school students, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that a striking 45.6% of Filipino-American female adolescents have thought about committing suicide, which was the highest rate among all ethnic groups in this study (Wolf, 1997). Data collected by the Los […]
  • What Is a Colonized Mind? September 8, 2019
    England was once so proud of its colonial regime that it boasted, “The sun never sets on the British empire.” Today, colonialism is a bad word. It is fashionable to say we live in a ‘post-colonial’ world. The truth is the world continues to involve relations of domination and exploitation, under new names: “globalization,” for […]
  • Indonesia is an “imagined community”, Melanesia is a REAL community!… BUT… September 8, 2019
    A Melanesian Dilemma It is a human tragedy today is that "the REAL Melanesian community think they are unreal, and then they believe and treat the "unreal Indonesian community" as a real one, They think un-real Indonesia poses real threats and danger, that therefore it is a sensitive issue that should be treated cautiously. They […]