Students encouraged to plant more trees

[Photo: Lachlan Eddie]

STUDENTS are encouraged to plant more trees.

Japanese volunteer Honami Kanehori, 24, made the suggestion as she prepares to leave the country after completing her three-year assignment.

“I wish to encourage students across the country to plant more trees as their contribution to preserving your country’s forests,” Kanehori, who had worked at Botanical Garden during her time here, said.

She said it’s important for students to be engaged in reforestation so that they could appreciate the value of trees to the environment.

She added such initiative could go a long way to replacing the trees that were lost due to logging.

Kanehori said the country has lost so much of its trees due to logging.

“Students should be engaged in the tree-planting initiative, but adults should be also part of it.

“It should be everyone’s duty to plant trees to help the environment.”

During her time with the Botanical Garden, Kanehori and her local counterparts visited two schools in Honiara to raise awareness about the importance of trees and a clean environment.

“We visited grades one to three students during which we encourage them to plant trees, protect trees, and love trees.

“I’m also happy to see some schools taking field trips to the Botanical Garden to learn about the different species of trees.”

Kanehori also speak on littering and how to stop it.

“Simply, littering hurts your environment,” she said.

She said in her country, littering was once a major problem.

“But after the Japanese government took a bold initiative to address the problem, citizens started support the effort so we were able to stop littering and kept our environment cleaned at all times.”

She said littering can be stopped when everyone plans their part.


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