Declared Port Vila land owners visit President

On Monday last week the declared custom land owners of the land Port Vila town has been built on met President Obed Tallis to officially inform him of the declaration. The declaration was reportedly made in May last year by the Efate Island Court last year. The declared custom land owners from Erakor, Eratap, Pango […]

Chief Worwor expresses concerns about upcoming chiefs elections

The caretaker President of the Port Vila Town Council of Chiefs and member of the caretaker Malvatumauri council of chiefs has raised concerns about what he said was a new method being introduced for election of Malvatumauri, island councils of chiefs and the two urban councils of chiefs due next month. All the councils of chiefs […]

Tribal Democracy (Tribal jirga, Afghanistan)

By Bilal AhmedPosted on 18 November 2013Posted in Asia, Politics I was speaking to my mother about democracy, expressing wariness about European models, which many Pakistanis associate with the Soviet-inspired experiments of the Afghan Communist era. I mentioned the jirga, as a way of envisioning direct democracy, in South Asian vernacular. She found it appealing. “That’s like the old days, […]