Declaration of Melanesiahood:

  1. We declare that WE ARE the Afrikans in the South Pacific Islands,
    • the original inhabitants of the Earth, spanning from Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania to Americas;
    • the original people that represent the image and spirit of the “Earth”, by the way of our colour, our worldview, our Melanesian Way with our hope for the future.
  2. We declare that we Afrikans in the South Pacific Islands are all ONE in our ORIGIN, descended
    • from one father and one mother,
    • from our one home-island, and
    • we inherit one way of life, and
    • we all have one destiny as a human race.
  3. We declare that we ONE PEOPLE: ONE Human Race and One Human Identity: “the Mela in the South Pacific“, with our full right to self-define and self-determine ourselves; therefore,
    • WE ARE NOT West Papuans,
    • WE ARE NOT Papua New Guineans,
    • WE ARE NOT Solomon Islanders,
    • WE ARE NOT ni-Vanuatu,
    • WE ARE NOT New Caledonians,
    • WE ARE NOT Fijians.
  4. We declare that we Afrikans in the South Pacific Islands live in ONE HOME “the Melanesian Archipelago”, that spans from the Four-Kings Islands in West Papua as westernmost part of Melanesia to Fiji and Wallis – Futuna Islands on the easternmost part.
    1. We declare that our home-island and home-of-origin is the Isle of New Guinea, where we all came from.
    2. At the same time we declare that  New Guinea Island is our HOME OF DESTINY, where all of us will finally come to at the end of our history!
  5. We, therefore, declare that the occupation and exploitation of our home-island by un-wanted, un-invited, illegal inhabitants is a gross violation of our collective human rights, and therefore, we will collectively re-claim it back for the sake of ourselves today and more importantly for generations to come.
  6. That any foreign interventions and influences into our daily life in various aspects, in the names of religion, modernization, democracy, development, progress, prosperity and wealth are clearly forms of colonialism to conquer, to occupy, to rob and to wipe us out, that are manipulative, and intended to extract our rich natural resources and destroy our rich cultural and spiritual heritage.
  7. May our ancestors, current generations, our future generations, and those who have died for our cause; May God Almighty protect, nurture and defend us all, bless us all as we declare all these, for the glory and honour of His Name and the security, protection and prosperity of His Creation, the Afrikans of the South Pacific Islands, representing the Afrikans of the world, as part of the global human community.

As a People of One Origin, One Soul, and One Destiny, we declare to the world that this proclamation is made based on our own awareness of our existence and destiny of our being on this planet Earth, in order to allow our Melanesian Spirit, Culture, and Wisdom to be freely expressed and shared, in order to help our humanity continue its journey form this point of time onward, until time immemorial, in peace and harmony.

Yes, we the Blacks Across the Waters were, are and will always be ONE! no matter what!

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