United Melanesia Church of is a “church” that was established by elder Kotokay to promote Melanesian Way that demonstrates how Melanesian peoples define and communicate with God. This is the church of Melanesian peoples united to worship God according to understanding and way of worship of Melanesian peoples.

Melanesian United Church seeks the unification of Melanesian peoples as one ancestral origin and one people who live across the Melanesian archipelago to 

We hereby declare:

  1. That God is the Only One divine to worship as it is written in the Holy Bible and as acknowledged by Melanesian ancestors in our storylines with variations before far Christianity.
  2. That Jesus is the Truth in Stories that became flesh as it has been told for generations in our storylines.
  3. That Jesus who became flesh was born under the rule of Rome, ruled by Pontius Pilate
  4. That Jesus was crucified, as also been told with variations for generations in our storylines. 
  5. That Jesus was killed and buried and rose up on the 3 day, as also narrated in various stories across Melanesia.
  6. That Jesus has ascended to heaven
  7. That Holly Spirit is the presence of God in our lives that lead us into the way, truth and life.