the simple and harmonious life.


Re-Vitalize the Melanesian Concepts of Life and Living in every aspects of life and living


To Free

  1. To Free all Melanesians from colonized mentality, by the way identifying the self, the others and the world;
    • that we are all Melanesians by human identity and separated by nation-states identities,
    • therefore, we call ourselves: Melanesian Peoples (not West Papuans, not Papua New Guineans, Bougainvillians, not Solomon Islanders, not Fijians, not ni-Vanuatu, and not not the Kanaks)
  2. To Free Melanesians from “slave paradigm” that
    • only foreigners and particularly westerners and asians know how to live well and how to live happy, and
    • only white-men know how to safe life,
    • therefore, all things coming from them are good for Melanesian people.  
  3. To Free Melanesia from “apartheid system” into “Wantok System” where we inherited from our ancestors, as our concept of life and values of living, as first stipulated by our prominent Melanesian philosopher, the Late Bernard Narakobi, “live well, love well, have something good for every person and die a happy death

To Revive and Revitalize

  1. “The Melanesian Way” of thinking and feeling (the paradigm);
  2. “The Melanesian Way” of sensing and viewing (the perception)
  3. “The Melanesian Way” of communicating with all communities of beings inside, around, underneath and above (the customs)
  4. “The Melanesian Way” of life and living (the culture)
  5. “The Melanesian Way” of organising life and governing society (the governance)
  6. “The Melanesian Way” of impressing and expressing (culture)
  7. “The Melanesian Way” of to be and to have (the phylosophy)

We believe:

  1. that we Melanesians are human beings, with all its complexities and completeness, full of wisdom, character, norms, values and systems that are fully operational and sufficient to run our daily lives, in the past, at the present, and in the future;
  2. that we Melanesians today inherited our rich bio-cultural heritage that are potentially beneficial and can be used to save us from various disasters brought in by modernization project: climate change, global warming, cyclone, landslides, volcanic eruptions, tsunami, and worse sinking of islands.
  3. that we Melanesians today inherited our rich natural resources that we should wisely utilize for our own sake and for the sake of our future generations.

Approaches Towards ONE MELANESIA

We choose a Melanesian approach to re-vitalize Melanesian values, beliefs and systems:

  1. Holding meetings and have long discussions on various issues facing Melanesians today,
  2. Publishing websites, blogs, leaflets and books on “Melanesia-hood” and “Melanesia-ism” to help us re-vitalize our own “self-image” that will help us to picture the world as it is, not as we are told as it is.

We are Fully Aware …

  1. That “Wantok System” is the most hated and humiliated system across Melanesia, within Melanesian mentality and rationality.
  2. That we still have the chance to “repent” from our sins to ourselves, for thinking that what we inherited from ancestors is bad, and what colonials imported to our lives is the perfect one, knowing that they came here not to give, but to take, to steal and to wipe us out.