United States of Africa is an Initiative working towards unification of all people of Melanesia descent under one Melanesian Confederation of Tribes based in Melanesian archipelago.

We firmly believe that we people of African descent in the South Pacific Melanesia archipelago, regardless of our geographical locations and modern nation-states boundaries and naming engineered by foreign colonial powers, we know that we have one origin both culturally and geographically, and that we have a common destiny and therefore we believe that like any other race we have a right to self-determination as guaranteed by universal principles of human rights.

United States of Melanesia seeks to socially, culturally, economically and politically advance the interests of Afrikans in the South Pacific and its people at home or abroad.

We are mandated by the Spirit of Melanesia to complete decolonization of Melanesian peoples, villages, and states and removal boundaries created by foreign colonial powers based in Europe and North America that have torn Melanesia as a nation apart.

We are committed to the establishment of a confederation of more than 3,000 tribes and 7 nation-states in Melanesia, and Black Nations beyond. United States of Melanesia fully supports the movement and actions taken by The United States of Africa.

United we are potential to become the most powerful nation on earth.

Looking forward to Going Back Home

United States of Melanesia acknowledges every Melanesian person, family, clan, moiety and tribe who live in villages and islands across Melanesian archipelago

Support to the Unites States of Africa

The United States of Melanesian supports and is part of the Unifying movement being organised by the United States of Africa.